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Last updated: 6 september 2018
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Bridge Of Love informatie offers you to find personal happiness on our site. Clients of the site are brides from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Guided by years of experience in the dating business we have created a website which helps people all over the world to search and find happiness. If you are single and lonely, if your life seams meaningless, you really need someone who will always love you, back up in hard times and share your joy. Loneliness is not a sentence. In a moment of your loneliness, on the other side of the world, there is another lonely person who is your soul mate. Our website is a real bridge that can connect your hearts.Thus do not rely on twists of fate. It is better to hold your fate in your own hands. Make your dreams about love and happiness come true today.

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Bridge Of Love - fake woman


hi , i must tell everyone,, NEVER to pay any for this site on credits,, why? all woman are models who are payed to say "i love you" not 1 is real and willing to meet , even the ones with children,, are FAKE , kids are also child models for magazines and make pictures look great for you, but do know,, NOTTHING is real

Sterke punten:
the site promis you a lot and gilrs are beautyful with all makup and High heels

Zwakke punten:
allmost ALL is bad, - site is slowly loading, - always has problems with chats, makes you loose a lot of credits while waiting on answers of the woman you chat with ,, sometimes with cam you loose more that was told, a minute,,,
and a lot of woman want to show you nudity but never will and you lost all credits,,
and the credits are TO expencive,, should be 50 for 20 euro - 100 for 39 - 200 for 55 etc... not like now 70 euro for 160 and this only after you become gold member after 4 weeks of chatting and mailing letters,,

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