RelatiePlanet Review - Completely FAKE in every aspect !

RelatiePlanet - Completely FAKE in every aspect !


This site is really weird. I've been tricked many times on that site (but not anymore ).

People send you a message, then you pay and then after giving you them your coordinates, then the profile is gone (deactivated, deleted) or you just are ignored completely (= fake).

Overall this site is fake, you really feel it that the profiles are not fair at all..

Rating: 0/10
Why ? no quality control, fake and obsolete profiles, bad search ...

So people, don't waste your money on this site !!!


Sterke punten:
nothing !

Zwakke punten:
fake/obsolete profiles
no response
bad search
no quality control
bad service

DK beveelt RelatiePlanet NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

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Datum: 1 december 2013 - 19:56

Geschreven door: Nancy

I really have to agree with you!!!
I registered last night. After successful registered the first account, it suddenly gone!!! I thought may something wrong happened, but my e-mail address had been blocked, I can not use it anymore.
I started to registered second account using another e-mail address. At beginning, looked good, my pics and profiles were approved, and I got first message already. BUT, It suddenly gone AGAIN!!! I tried to log in again, it said my account is invalid. If I used this e-mail address to register again, it told me it's impossible to register with this e-mail address. Seems like, my account was blocked!!! and my e-mail address was in some black list???!!!

I send e-mail to server desk, no one reply me.....really wierd websit?

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