Buurtsexen Review - ALL Fakes

Buurtsexen - ALL Fakes


After 100 credits spent; the conclusion is: your questions are not answered, rather new question arise. Even original message from a women "says: let meet at 12;00 in a city", which is explicit to me. As a human you react and ask where and what are the expectations... a answer comes "I need to know you first before meet...." bla bla bla... ONCE MORE all fake OR women receive free credits to pump credits out of correspondants (this isprobably the truth). Costly system. Better use "normal" dating site like meetic B2B mec à croquer and a lot of other where you pay for open messages a monthly fee.

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everything is fake. This is just a money pump, yours.

me beveelt Buurtsexen NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

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